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2019 Calendar for VAMC's - Call for Special VA Pricing

Developed by VAMCs:

Our VA & You: A Partnership of Care calendars were developed with input from 39 VAMCs. The look and content is based on your unique needs. We are pleased that for each of the last four years we have provided over one million calendars to VA patients. The response from patients and staff has been extremely positive (see below).

Click here to download a PDF of the calendar 
Employee Wellness Calendar
  Click here to download a PDF of the Employee Wellness Calendar

Benefits of our 2018 General Calendar include:

Bigger Calendar boxes: The calendar boxes provide more space for patients to write appointments and/or track daily goals.


Free Online Veterans Health at Home: Your patients will receive access to this highly acclaimed 432-page self-care book.


14-month calendar: Our calendars start in November and go for 14 months. This allows you to distribute the calendar during the October flu shot season, and your Vets can begin using them right away.


Free printable handouts: With any Calendar purchase, you'll receive a set of 12 printable, full-color educational handouts/mini-posters. Each one corresponds to the monthly theme of our 2018 VA Calendar, further enhancing patient education. VAMCs are given the rights to print and/or email them monthly to patients or blow them up to use as posters throughout your facility.


Downloadable content: Your patients can download the calendar handouts as well from a monthly link (or QR Code, with a smartphone) on the calendars.


Healthy Living Messages and PACT: Our Calendars provide up-to-date VA patient education information, including PACT content and the VA's 9 Healthy Living Messages.


User-friendly: Our Calendars follow the VA's Guidelines for Writing User-Friendly Patient Education Materials.


Online Survey:  Vets can go online and give feedback related to the calendar and we provide you with a summary report. 


Numerous customization options.

Other topics our calendars address:

• Promotion and benefits of MyHealtheVet online resources

• MOVE program information

• Prevention tips

• Time Is Life program information

• Infection Don’t Pass It On: How to prevent colds and flus and MRSA

• Quit Tobacco Make Everyone Proud information

• PTSD information

• Proper and safe use of medications

• VA health screening guidelines and wellness reminders for men and women Veterans

• Monthly and weekly health observances with Web sites for additional information

• Places to record physical activity, weight, blood pressure, and blood glucose

• Home safe. Drive safe. Stay safe.

• Telehealth

•Traumatic Brain Injury

• VA Web site resources

• And much more


VA Coordinator Comments:

"The response to your calendars has been nothing but positive."

"Several Veterans have commented that they like the calendar better than the previous years’."

“The Veterans Health Education Calendars have provided our Veterans with a powerful tool in promoting self-care.”

VA Patient Comments:

“Everything about this calendar is great.”

“I love it!”

“The calendar is easily understood and is shown to care about Vets.”

“It has all the information I need in one handy spot.”