HealthyLife® Handouts
HealthyLife® Handouts
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VA HealthyLife® Handouts

VA HealthyLife® Handouts

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VA HealthyLife® Handouts

VAMCs can now license a series of attractive and informative downloadable handouts to enhance your health promotion activities and motivate patients to make behavior changes. Presently there are 162 handouts with more to come. You can either print and hand them to patients or enlarge them to display around your facility. A license to place them on your website for patients to access is also available. The handouts cover the following topics:

-Be Involved in Your Healthcare       

-Be Physically Active

-Eat Wisely

-Strive for Healthy Weight

-Limit Alcohol

-Screenings & Immunizations

-Manage Stress


-Be Safe

-Cold & Flu